Sunday, 21 April 2002


St Patricks day in buenos aires boy o boy what a night had great laugh went to see a U2 tribute band,Drank and partyed all night long say no more ........
I always thought i would never see a water fall better or bigger than Vic falls but was i wrong Iguazu Falls is just huge i just made you want to jump into it.
It's one long old drive to the south but made to Ushuaia felling pretty wiped out time to chill out.
were at the Moreno Glacier and been on a short trek on the Glacier, Saw some great big chunks of the glacier braking off just incredible you can here it moving.
Still along way to go untill Quito and going well so far.
Nealry forgot went for a swim in a glacial lake at torres,One way to clear the head.