Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Welsh 15 Peaks

What a great weekend we've just had on the Welsh 15 Peaks Challenge, Our weekend began with a slow but steady climb onto the Carneddau in glorious sunshine, unfortunately the sunshine wasn't to last as we reached our first summit Foel Fras in what has been typical of or summer poor visability and rain. Hot tea and Welsh Cakes at Foel Grach was a great pick me up for the group before we set off for the remaing peaks in Carneddau.

Day 2 starts off eveyones favourite mountain Tryfan, the group learnt plenty of new skills in scrambling there way to the top on Tryfan, next up it was a huge climb into the Glyders and the famous Canterliver, There was some interesting conversations between the group which can only be discribed as team bonding. Our final day Snowdon and Crib Coch, we had to make some slight changes in the Itinerary due to poor weather conditions making our traverse of  Crib Coch far to dangerous to attempt, we did however tick off the remaing 3000's on the Snowdon Massif.

Although we never managed to complete and summit all 15 Peaks it was a great weekend the weather never damped our spirits but we had fun and some new friendships were made.

Thanks everyone for a fun weekend.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

3 Peak challenge 2013

If you've been put off doing the 3 Peaks Challenge this year due to our wonderful summer weather, or just to busy, then there's always next year, we are now taking bookings for 2013 it's never to early to plan your next challenge.

Back to 2012 as the summer continues to bucket down with rain and I can't remember the last time we've had a sunny weekend, our 3 peaks challengers continue to complete the challenge in awesome times, we've even had a 22hr finish time in what can only be described as WET.

We have double departure this weekend with CSMG and an open event lets keep our fingers crossed for sun in fact I think I will go and do a little sun dance in the garden.

Lets not forget our Welsh 15 Peaks which is an awesome weekend and if you want something even tougher than the 3 Peaks Challnge, why try the Welsh 15 Peaks 24hr Challange to push you to the limits.
Whatever the weather there's no excuse not to get out there and test yourself to the hilt.

                                                       LIVE IT - DON'T DREAM IT.