Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Central America to Fort William

July has just been crazy, so much i've been very slack on the blog page, and this is going to be a short update, as i'm just about to head to France on a London to Paris Bike Ride.

We have done a jungle trek in Central America, Three Peaks Challenge plus we even fitted in a Welsh 15 Peaks.

The Jungle trek was in Costa Rica, I was out there looking into a new trekking route, It was so new there were no paths through the Jungle so we spent 2.5 days hacking our way through the rain forest with an unimaginable number of river crossing.
It rained so hard water was running down into my jacket and out through the arms.

Talking of rain we so much rain on last weekends 3 Peaks it just like being back in the Jungle during rainy season.
Everyone battled on and completed the challenge in 23.5hrs.

We did manage to do the 15 peaks in sunshine though who ever said it rains in Wales.

Well thats a very quick update got a ferry to catch.