Thursday, 19 August 2010

Gorge Scrambling/Walking

We've been pretty busy round here at Adventurous Ewe.
Between running Three Peaks Challenges and the Welsh 15 Peaks it's been alot of fun.
But we now have a new activity added to our website for all you adrenaline seekers, Were proud to say we are now running Gorge Scrambling/Walking Sessions.
Were starting off in South Wales in the Mellte & Sychrydd Gorges these are some of the best gorge gorge's in U.K. with a huge 11m jump only for the brave.

We will be starting Gorge Walking in North Wales early next year and we promise it's going to be a heart pumping gorge.

Any how onto other things we only have one 15 Peaks left for this year and our final Three Peaks is the first week of September.
Toubkal is filling up fast and our 3rd January trip is now nearly fully booked.
I'm heading off to climb Kilimanjaro again this Autumn in fact I'm doing four Ascent's, which I can't wait for, you just can't beat standing on the roof of Africa.

Stu who has now joined the Ewe, will be running the Gorge Walking and has been working down there in the gorge since 2007(Gollum). So your in good hands, it's an awesome day out and one which will have you talking about it for weeks. Stu will also be running a Promo day for Adventurous Ewe so get in touch and you could get yourself a very cheap heart pumping day out.