Monday, 25 October 2010

Kili season comes to an end.


Well what a season it's been on Kili, the short rain are just about here and we had our first covering of snow on the mountain last week.

They've been an incredible 3 trips with an average 90% of the groups summiting which is a huge success.
I now have a few weeks to catch up on the boring office work before heading back to Morocco.
Our Winter Toubkal trips are a popular hit this year and there filling up fast.

Toubkal offers the only winter mountaineering in the African continent with stunning views over the Sahara Desert from the summit, plus the very warm hearted Berber people of the High Atlas it's going to be a great winter.

Stu is busy with our Gorge Walking program even if winter is upon us.
Make sure you check it out next spring/summer, saying that we even have bookings in December.

In the mean time i'm going to continue enjoying the warm weather in Tanzania.

Have Fun


Monday, 4 October 2010

Kilimanjaro & Mt Toubkal

Kili Time
I'm currently in Tanzania preparing for my second Kilimanjaro climb in 3 weeks, then I have another 2 climbs before the end of October, Stu will also be joining me on the second climb, it will be his first ascent on Kili and he's very excitied.

All our climbs are on the Machame Route which can be done over 6 or 7 days.
The only thing I would say is Kilimanjaro is getting very busy these days i've never seen so many people on the Mountain.

I've spent the last week with friends helping out on a project building a free medical centre and orphange mainly for the local Massai but it's free to anyone who comes, The kids in the Orphanage are amazing there's a family of 4 children here at the momment who lost there parents to HIV but they seem so upbeat it's very sad to hear but great to see them so happy and being looked after so well, We will be running an event next summer to raise money for the charity so I will keep you posted.


Our winter Toubkal climbs are looking very busy this year with our January date now having a double departure.
Climbing Toubkal in the winter is a great mountaineering experience with very few people on the mountain, you don't need to be a roughty toughty mountaineer to climb during the winter months just warm clothes and a great sense of Adventure.

So keep that Adventurous spirit alive and see you on the mountian.