Wednesday, 27 May 2009

15 Peaks

We have just completed our first Welsh 15 peaks of the season and we experienced every possible type of weather you could have in Snowdonia.

Friday on the Carrneddau was spent mainly in thick hill fog,it was a long hard day but we were rewarded with the odd clearing for our efforts.
Saturday we started on Tryfan the conditions started off pretty good then slowly got worse as the day went on, once on the Glyders we had 60mph + winds hail which really hurt and poor visibility, but our spirits were not being damped even if our kit was.
Next up was Y Garn and by now the fog had cleared and we had the feeling of success in our hearts, but it wasn't to be the wind got even stronger so we had to desend into the Llanberberis pass and head for Pete's eats for a huge mug of tea and chocolate cake Yum Yum.
Sunday we headed up the Watkin Path as the forecast wasn't on our side for doing Crib Coch.
Again we started in light rain which became heavy rain and then finally snow, Yea in May !
Once on the Summit of Snowdon the cloud lifted and we had it all to ourselves. Happy Days.
We then descended down the south ridge and more tea and cake was eaten.

The following weekend we had glorious sunshine for our Snowdon Weekend.

Starting of at the base of Tryfan we climbed the North Ridge, reaching Tryfan summit is always a great sense of achievement, we then traveresed the Glyders all in perfect sunshine.
Sunday we took the South Ridge up Snowdon and returned down the Miners track all feeling pretty worn out and sunburnt.