Friday, 7 May 2004

Middle East

What a cool place, must admit i was a bit nervous with the thought of coming here. I flew into Jordan and got a taxi to petra to catch up with the group, as soon as we hit the main road the first sign i saw was for Baghdad a little unnerveing with whats going on But wow what an intro to the middle east PETRA its place you have to see for yourself.
Next stop Red Sea and diving another wow !!! And some of the best rough camps ever in the western desert (Egypt).Then the norm Egypt stuff to many Tourists for me.
Then we were heading back to Syria which has to be my favourite Middle Eastern Country why ? well the list is endless great bush camps, amazing Roman Ruins, Alleppo Souk, And the best Falfel i've ever had, we had a few border problems on route but hey whats new.
Then eastern Turkey, very different to the west of the country and cold.
Then the big daddy Iran what wounderfull people, amazing mousque's (and cheap fuel 5p 1ltr) our first stop Tabriz onto Masuleh in the hills, Next up Shiraz (no wine), Persepolis, Yazd with is a really neat city in the desert and great cakes and then on to Terhan.
Then Transit back to greece in record time and to the UK to see Ben Harper in Manchester.

HAPPY DAYS.............