Wednesday, 8 February 2012

We Want Snow

2012 has so far been a whole lotta fun and may it continue.
Our fist Toubkal climb of 2012 was a blast in many ways, we got blasted off the summit ridge with high winds and then burn to a crisp when the sun showed its face. We still managed to celebrate Keiths birthday with another awesome Tagine cooked by our super dooper Moroccan crew.
Our last trip saw all 14 clients summit and the result was Imlil seeing it's first small mountain of empty beer cans, once we all made it back to our guest house for cold beers on the balcony admiring the summit of Toubkal and a job well done.
Im back up Toubkal in two days with an all female team which should be fun and I hope we can show all the macho french climbers how its done.