Thursday, 27 March 2008

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the perfect place for adventure. It has some of the best rivers, wettest rain forest, a stunning coast line and some of the most laid back people in the world.
Our mission was to trek from the Pacific coast to the Caribbean coast in 8 days in some of the most remote parts of Costa Rica with only horses as our support vehicles.....
The treking was pretty tough at times with non stop rain which turned the route into a huge mud bath. Nothing stays dry in Costa Rica!
Passing through the coffee plantations, huge oak trees and rain forests with howler monkeys and sopping wet half the time, made what was a pretty tough 8 days seem magical even if most of it felt like it was up hill.
Our last section of the trip was to raft the Pecuare river - one of the top 5 rivers in the world. A class 3/4 river passing through stunning gorges and thick jungle. What a river it was. Truely stunning plus a few heart stopping rapids to keep you on your toes. A few swimmers along the way but no flips.
Then it was James Bond style through the inland water ways to the Caribbean Coast.

What a trip...


Thursday, 6 March 2008


Another successful Kili Ascent all the group made it to Stella point which was just amazing, We left base camp at 12.00am and reached Stella point at 06.30am, With everyone happy to see the sunrise and slowly warm up. One of the team had to go down from there which was really hard, everyone else pushed onto Uhuru Peak (The Roof Of Africa), we made it to the summit by 07.30am.
After 15Min's on the summit it was time to descend everyone was feeling pretty cold at-15c, plus the lack of oxygen it's tough going.
With everyone back in base camp 4600Mt's by 10.45am and dead on there feet after what feels like the longest night ever, A quick 2hrs rest then time to push onto our next camp at 3700Mt's and a beer then bed asap.
For all the group to make it to Stella point 14 in total at the same time was incredible.

This was my third time on the summit and it's still as hard as ever between 03.00am & 05.00am is the hardest it's so cold and your just wanting the sun to come up. You just go head headdown one foot in front of other and put your mind elsewhere.
Then as the sun comes up what you see before your eye's is just breath taking and worth all the hard work.

is one of the hardest challenges you will ever take on but boy is it worth it.