Friday, 14 September 2012

3 Countries Cycle Challenge

It's finally near the end of our UK summer season and it's been a stinker with loads of 3 Peaks Challenges, the odd Toubkal plus a few classic bike rides, London to Paris and Lands End to John O Groats.
But before we finally finish up and head for sunny shores and high altitude winter trekking in Morocco, we have two epic cycles rides, cycling through 3 Countries, France, Belgium, Holland stopping off in Brugge and Ypres which must two of northern Europe's best medieval cities, it's going to be a great finish to what has been an incredible summer, the weather has been rubbish but it's not stopped anyone from getting out into the great outdoors and taking on a new challenge.
Right got to go I'm just boarding a ferry to France see you in Morocco this winter or hopefully on one of our UK challenges in 2013.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Welsh 3000's

Well I'm wasted, what an awesome challenge with 9 great people raising money for MND, we completed the Welsh 15 Peaks challenge or known as the Welsh 3000's 24hr challenge In 16.5hrs.
We had a lot of laughs,rain,wind a bit of sun and huge tired legs.
Knackered out of here.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

3 Peaks Challenge August

Just driving through the incredibly beautiful Glen Coe on route to Fort William, our 3 Peaks Challenge team are chomping at the bit to hit Ben Nevis our 1st mountain on the 3 Peaks Challenge. With us we have some of our Winter Toubkal group from February this year, along with some new family members to the Adventurous Ewe team, the sun is shining Steve Wonder is blasting out the stereo and Ben Nevis is just coming into sight, so time to go and start the clock and smash the 3 Peaks.

Catch ya laters.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Kilimanjaro July 2012

I'm currently lying in my tent at 3900mt in millennium camp on Kilimanjaro after what can only be described as an epic climb, the whole group reached Stella Point, with only client not reaching the summit. It was my 17th Kilimanjaro summit and possibly the coldest temperatures I've ever had on the summit, it was dam cold with a strong Northwesterly making the wind chill well below -20, the group worked so hard to bag there first high altitude summit, with a record number vomits from one member of our team, i think it was around 5, our doctor enjoyed reaching the summit after just returning from Denali and not summiting due to heavy snow fall, in fact our doctor summit twice. I must just add a congratulations to Claudia aged 15 who summited in style.

Tomorrow we descend 2100mt to the gate through rain forest hoping to spot the elusive Black & White Colobus monkey, then it's party time in Moshi Town for a few cold Kilimanjaro beers.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Welsh 15 Peaks

What a great weekend we've just had on the Welsh 15 Peaks Challenge, Our weekend began with a slow but steady climb onto the Carneddau in glorious sunshine, unfortunately the sunshine wasn't to last as we reached our first summit Foel Fras in what has been typical of or summer poor visability and rain. Hot tea and Welsh Cakes at Foel Grach was a great pick me up for the group before we set off for the remaing peaks in Carneddau.

Day 2 starts off eveyones favourite mountain Tryfan, the group learnt plenty of new skills in scrambling there way to the top on Tryfan, next up it was a huge climb into the Glyders and the famous Canterliver, There was some interesting conversations between the group which can only be discribed as team bonding. Our final day Snowdon and Crib Coch, we had to make some slight changes in the Itinerary due to poor weather conditions making our traverse of  Crib Coch far to dangerous to attempt, we did however tick off the remaing 3000's on the Snowdon Massif.

Although we never managed to complete and summit all 15 Peaks it was a great weekend the weather never damped our spirits but we had fun and some new friendships were made.

Thanks everyone for a fun weekend.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

3 Peak challenge 2013

If you've been put off doing the 3 Peaks Challenge this year due to our wonderful summer weather, or just to busy, then there's always next year, we are now taking bookings for 2013 it's never to early to plan your next challenge.

Back to 2012 as the summer continues to bucket down with rain and I can't remember the last time we've had a sunny weekend, our 3 peaks challengers continue to complete the challenge in awesome times, we've even had a 22hr finish time in what can only be described as WET.

We have double departure this weekend with CSMG and an open event lets keep our fingers crossed for sun in fact I think I will go and do a little sun dance in the garden.

Lets not forget our Welsh 15 Peaks which is an awesome weekend and if you want something even tougher than the 3 Peaks Challnge, why try the Welsh 15 Peaks 24hr Challange to push you to the limits.
Whatever the weather there's no excuse not to get out there and test yourself to the hilt.

                                                       LIVE IT - DON'T DREAM IT.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Toubkal Time

I am one happy boy, as we are returning to Morocco next Monday for yet another Mt Toubkal climb and I can't wait to get back to Imlil and meet up with our Moroccan team, It's been nearly a month since since I was last on Toubkal and what busy month it's been with LeJog and a 3 Peaks Challenge.

Heading back to the Imlil valley in June is always a treat as the rivers are still on flow and I hope all the cherries are ripe for picking, so we can munch our way through the valley. we may even be lucky enough to enjoy the last of the snow on the high passes.
Imlil now feels like home to me with lots of families in village benifitting from our groups visiting the area and alway receiving a warm welcome.
Our 5 day trek starts off with time in the gob smacking city of Marrakech where we have time to explore the souks and enjoy our first taste of Moroccan mint tea, then it's of to our friends in the Berber Village of Imlil for an overnight stay and some good home Moroccan cooking in our newly built Riad, Our trek is an awesome horseshoe route in the High Atlas with the final day enjoying lunch on the summit of North Africa's highest mountain before we head back home to Imlil for a cold beer on the roof top enjoying the stunning view of Toubkal Summit.
So much to pack into 5 days it's going to be a blast not forgetting of cause with some big mountains to climb.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Land's End - John O Groats, We made it

Boy O Boy what a bike ride Lands End - John O Groats, it was a truly amazing ride with a great team of cyclist's who raised massive amounts of money for The Bob Champion Cancer Trust.
Congratulations and a huge well done to everyone involved it was an epic challenge.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Lands End - JohnO Groats & 3 Peaks Challenge

What an amazing start to the summer season in the U.K.Last weekend saw us completing our first 3 peaks of 2012 in a great time of 23.37hrs, the 3 peaks team had great weather, it was even clear on all 3 peaks, a great start to the 3 peaks challenge season, lets hope we can continue finishing in such great times.

We also crossed into Scotland with our Lands End - John O Groats bike ride, all 13 riders are raising money for the Bob Champion Cancer Trust and have managed to raise over £30,000 so far, there's a great team spirit within the group and the weather here in Scotland is perfect with average temp of 22c.

As of tomorrow we only have 3 days remaining on the ride but the last week of Lands End - John O Groats must be my favourite part of the challenge, one thing that does come to mind travelling from one end of the the other is that we live on an incredibly stunning Island.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Lands End - John O Groats

We finally got our Lands End - John O Groats under way on Monday, The weather on day one was pretty poor with heavy showers and strong wind, cycling through Cornwal and Devon is tough cycling with plenty of short steep hill climbs, day two continued to give us poor weather but our group of 13 riders all raising money for The Bob Champion Cancer Trust, kept there spirits up and continued riding through what ever the great British weather threw at them. We have now cycled over 3oo miles and currently enjoying the dry weather and the flatter terrain of the North West.
Adventurous Ewe Le Jog 2013

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Welsh 15 Peaks & Toubkal

Congratulations to both teams who last weekend completed some of our toughest challenges, We had a group of 10 who celebrated a stag weekend by climbing Mt Toubkal, which was our first Toubkal ascent of the summer, the trek went like clock work with the only real challenging section for the group was negotiating some of the passes which still had some snow remaining and of cause the lack of air when summiting Mt Toubkal.
It was great to get the Adventurous Ewe Toubkal Team back together for what now is the beginning of our summer season.

The same weekend we also had some clients return to book with Adventurous Ewe after completing the 3 Peaks last year and looking to complete the Welsh 15 Peaks 24hr Challenge in 2012. It's was and is a very tough challenge, taking most groups by surprise and just how tough a challenge it really is, Jason and the team led by Edwin who is our Welsh 15 Peaks Challenge Leader, Edwin has completed this gulling challenge in under 6.5hrs.

The team set off at 04.00am making there way to the summit if Snowdon to beging the challenge, the Snowdon massif went well then began the big climb up Elidir Fawr and onto the Glyders before finally finishing the challenge on the Caerneddau in 21hrs.

It was a great a start to the summer and we are now looking for a summer of fantastic challenges ahead.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Client Feedback

Thank- you very much for your email- we had a fantastic time rafting thanks and an amazing weekend overall- everything went very well thank- you. Thank you very much again for sorting it out so quickly. The coach driver was great too, thank- you very much for sorting that out as well.
Thank- you very much also for managing to get a discount for the rafting.

We'll definitely book with Adventurous Ewe again if we do any activities again in the future.
Kind regards,

Friday, 13 April 2012

Adventurous Ewe Blogs

Just been having a look through some of the old Adventurous Ewe blogs, My god where does the time go, It's been a fun road getting to this point on our little journery of adventure.
It's about time we began to spice things up a little, so we have a master plan for 2013, the details are soon to be let out of the bag. If you like a challenge with a little twist then watch this space, If you've done Kili or bored of hearing about it, Done the Inca Trail and the 3 Peaks Challenge, I have a little surprise for you 2013. There's a little clue to one of the challenges for 2013 on this page !
In the mean time things are begining to warm up for the 3 Peaks Challenge in 2012, It a great charity fundraiser and harder than you think so get on it.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Toubkal Summer 2012

We kick off our summer Toubkal season in only a matter of weeks now, first though two more Sahara treks to complete, then I'm heading straight back to Imlil and Mt Toubkal.
May/June is a great time to be in the High Atlas as the rivers are running and everything is in flower plus the odd bit of snow makes for an awesome trek.
We have climbs starting on the 4th May & 11th June and we still have some spaces remaining.
If you can't make it to Morocco, why not join us on the 3 Peaks Challenge in 2012 or even 2013.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

3 Peaks Challenge Sept 2011: Our 3 Peaks Adventure

3 Peaks Challenge Sept 2011: Our 3 Peaks Adventure:   Thursday evening Sam and I went through our packing, as the conditions can turn nasty it was worth packing three of everything from underw...

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

adventurous ewe: 3 Peaks Challenge 2012

adventurous ewe: 3 Peaks Challenge 2012: Looking for a new challenge this summer ! Our 3 Peaks Challenge dates are starting to fill up, with it being an olympic year maybe more peo...

3 Peaks Challenge 2012

Looking for a new challenge this summer !
Our 3 Peaks Challenge dates are starting to fill up, with it being an olympic year maybe more people are taking up a new challenge for 2012.
June and July are the most popular times of year for this challenge September is also a great time as the mountains are little quiter.
The 3 Peaks Challenge is all about mental stamina plus with our qulaified Mountain leaders at hand providing support plus the odd bad jokes to help you complete the 3 Peaks Challenge.
So why not take up the challenge in 2012 and climb all three of the highest mountains in the U.K.
If 2012 isn't for you then why not start planning your team for 2013.
See you on the mountain.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

We Want Snow

2012 has so far been a whole lotta fun and may it continue.
Our fist Toubkal climb of 2012 was a blast in many ways, we got blasted off the summit ridge with high winds and then burn to a crisp when the sun showed its face. We still managed to celebrate Keiths birthday with another awesome Tagine cooked by our super dooper Moroccan crew.
Our last trip saw all 14 clients summit and the result was Imlil seeing it's first small mountain of empty beer cans, once we all made it back to our guest house for cold beers on the balcony admiring the summit of Toubkal and a job well done.
Im back up Toubkal in two days with an all female team which should be fun and I hope we can show all the macho french climbers how its done.