Tuesday, 12 December 2017

King's Trail - Snowshoe Adventures in Europe's Frozen North

The Northern reaches of this globe are well known to be cold and icy.

And it is here where the adventure and hardy members foray along the King’s Trail.  
Ah, but what on earth is the ‘King’s Trail’? Well, if we are to take its native name we would be calling
it the ‘Kungsleden’,and it’s a world-famous route which take you through some of Sweden’s most
amazing scenes.
The is in the borders of the Sami folk’s ancestral domain. The expanses of birch forest, glaciers,
rivers and the highest peaks in all of Sweden.
Those seeking a snowshoe winter trek in Europe need look no further.

Sweden’s Beautiful Wilderness
The adventure has its beginnings in Abisko, one of Sweden’s oldest national reserves.
It’s famous for having one of the greatest vistas to witness the ‘Aurora Borealis’ (Northern Lights)
out of anywhere in the world.
This adventure averages a distance of 14 km a day, venturing through the winter wilderness
bequeathed with an ever changing landscape. Each and every night shall be spent in a new location
in remote mountain huts. If you are a fan of saunas in the temperate weather of the United Kingdom,
then you haven't experienced anything until you enjoy a hot sauna after a day in the snowy mountains

A real Adventure.
If this sounds like the kind of adventure you would be interested in, Adventurous Ewe has the perfect package.
The real appeal of this adventure is that you will be entirely self-sufficient,
carrying 12kg-14kg of equipment yourself for the entirety of the trip.
As a result, you will need to be in a good level of fitness in order to be able to take part in
the challenge.

Those who go on a trip with a real desire to taste the local cuisine will be most pleased
that throughout the journey you will be eating traditional Sami food, that is reindeer meat.
You will also need to employ specialist equipment in order to traverse this snowy plain, as you will be in many cases stepping atop freshly fallen snow. For the purpose of this
you will have to make use of a snowshoe. But if you have never even seen, let alone put on a
snowshoe before, never fear! As you will be instructed on how to properly walk wearing them.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Trekking the Arctic Cirlce

The Arctic Explorer Trek was such a success last year were doing it again in march and April 2018. The trek is a unique opportunity to trek in winter along the famous Kungsleden Trail, also known as the Kings Trail in Swedish Lapland.

This is a totally new trek which to our knowledge no one else is doing, for at least the time being, the trail is limited to the number of trekkers at this time of year and we have block booked the cabins which means there will be no other groups on the trail other than intrepid Scandinavians.

We snow shoe the trail covering an average of 14km a day, which is good weather takes us about 5-6hrs trekking per day. This trip is not all about the walking, there's so much more as the team will be expected to help prepare the meals, collect and chop wood for the fire and collect water from the nearest well, which is an adventure in it self.

During our treks on the trail each night we were rewarding with breath taking lights shows with the Northern Lights due to the remoteness of the trail there in no light pollution, the only difficulty is with standing the nights freezing temperatures dropping down to -20, so good warm kit is a must.

I can't even begin to tell you how it feels and see the Northern Lights in full swing, all I can say is we were jumping for joy, like a child on bonfire night, nothing can prepare you for this spectacular phenomenon, make sure you bring a good camera.
The Abisko National Park were we begin our trek has been awarded one of the best places on the planet  to see the Northern Lights.

All our groups are limited to 10 lucky trekkers and we only have two dates available for 2018. If not already on your long bucket list of things to do, then I'd highly recommend you add the Northern Lights to ever increasing list.