Friday, 1 July 2016

The Wonders of the Patagonia Glacier and Ice Cap Trek

The Southern Continental Ice Field in Patagonia is one of largest non-polar ice caps on earth, and the third glacier mass in size after Antarctica and Greenland. This magnificent and dramatic area of the world has an abundance of exciting treks teamed with breathtaking views and landscape. These are just a few of the wondrous places that you will pass through on your Patagonia Trek, each just as more remarkable than the other!

Any glacier trip will start at the picturesque El Calafate – an important tourist destination named after a particularly common berry bush that can be found around Patagonia – that acts as a key hub for many adventurers who wish to visit any part of the Los Glaciares National Park. It’s a small town which therefore makes it easy to get around – however booking buses to and from the town is recommended. The town is ultimately a fun place to be with a large variety of services including its main strip posing many endearing souvenir shops, chocolate shops, restaurants and tour offices. El Calafate offers so much to see and do, including day trips to the exceptional Perito Moreno Glacier or to the romantic Onelli Bay, and boat excursions which are a great idea on a brilliant summers’ day. Ensure you spend some time here before embarking on your journey!

While journeying through Los Huemules reserve and beech forests at Laguna de Los Tres, keep your eyes open and camera at the ready for some breathtaking views. This is a trek that will lead you through mystical forests and stunning scenery; brilliant blue lagoons and impressively beautiful glaciers are plentiful. On your way, you’ll pass through many famous base camps that have in the past been used by the most renowned of climbers.

For more panoramic views, follow on to Laguna Torre, which is enveloped by stunning views of Fitz Roy Range, glacially formed valleys with splashes of dense forests. You will reach Paso Del Viento  - meaning ‘windy pass’ – an entirely unmissable stop that boasts immense views across the Southern Continental ice field; The Viedma glacier, the Upsala glacier and the impressive Mariano Moreno range acting as the perfect backdrop.

Another unmissable finishing stop is El Chalten. This small mountain village set into the Rio de las Vueltas riverside has previously been names Argentina’s Trekking capital, as well ranking second of “Best cities in the world to know” in 2014. Be sure not to stay long enough to explore a range of activities offered by the village; short walks, day trips, visits to renowned chocolate or ice cream shops, and sample brews that are available in the many Brewhouse’s. A perfect way to end your Patagonian adventure!

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